Durable Styrofoam cooler

Our Most Cost Effective Shipping Solution

Safely ship your frozen goods with our high-performance insulated shippers designed for dry ice use.

Reliant Dry Ice - Extended Duration Insulated Shippers are our most effective shipping solution.
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Explore Our Range of Insulated Dry Ice Shipper Sizes

Whether you're shipping medical supplies, gourmet ice cream, or delicate enzymes, we have the ideal insulated shipper to keep your contents frozen and protected.

10 Quart

Inside: 8-3/8 x 7-1/4 x 10
Thickness: 1-1/2
Price: $7.50ea

27 Quart

Inside: 14-1/2 x 11-1/2 x 9-7/16
Thickness: 1-1/2
Price: $11.50ea

47 Quart

Inside: 21 x 13 x 10-5/8
Thickness: 1-1/2
Price: $19.50ea

85 Quart

Inside: 29 x 15 x 12
Thickness: 1-1/2
Price: $31.50ea

Vegas, Phoenix, Amarillo, Denver, Chicago and Jacksonville Areas

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